We know Kitchens

A Kitchen is the jewel in a house. It is one of the rooms where most of your active house time is spent. From an investment stand point, the money invested in a Kitchen appreciates the value of your house. And from a lifestyle stand point, a Kitchen determines how you spend your time in the house. From breakfast to supper and for the meals and snacks in between, you make so many trips to the Kitchen. Some eat in the Kitchen itself where they have their TVs and music installed too. You need all comfort and luxury to reach and find things you need for cooking and dining. Brampton Kitchen is a very experienced name when it comes to designing a Kitchen, customized to your very lifestyle.

Practical and Elegant

Whether you want a traditional or a contemporary Kitchen, we can design one for you. We have many design ideas that we can share with you. Our design consultants will sit with you at our showroom or at your house (wherever you prefer) and give you a fitting plan and budget. You can choose from many colours, patterns, styles and trends. It is not limited to the cabinets only, but applies to back splash, handles, knobs, mouldings, doors etc. We offer you several choices that will enhance your cabinets. Plus, we handle all installation and removal for you. We will remove the old cabinets and install the new ones. We will also remove any unwanted cabinetry and leave your house or business absolutely neat and clean.


In addition to the cabinets you have to choose your sink, counter-top, tiles, back-splash and colour shades very carefully to have a complete thematic design. Our designers will be willing to guide you in making these decisions. Shall there be items that are already satisfactory and you do not want to change, we leave them as is. We build the rest of the Kitchen around it and try to achieve maximum compatibility.